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    ast17:20 12.04.06
    Ребята! Так хорошо, что мы встретились. И смеялись мы вполне искренне. Отдельное спасибо хозяину- Мише Тройкову и. особенно , его супруге Марине. Марина совершила героический поступок - накрыв нам ТАКОЙ стол!. Жалко , что не было Наташи Улитиной , Баранова ( здоровья ему!) и Савицкой. Стародубовой и Ждановой. Не Было Татьяны Бариновой -она на другом континенте и Аллочки Дударевой -видимо из Британии трудно добраться и других. Если кого не назвала- простите и не пропадайте навсегда

    marina_sel11:14 18.04.06
    Добавлю от группы А-1-75. Было весело, по-моему, веселее, чем 25 лет назад. Очень жаль, что не пришли Юра Белозеров и Люда Кондаурова. Не нашлись Матвеева Надя, Нагорная Ирина и Марина Кочкурова. Затерялись где-то на просторах нашей родины Гончарова Лида, Николаева Люба и Наташа Мороз.
    Всех вас мы помним и ждем. Пишите, звоните, не пропадайте...
    Может быть, именно сейчас мы нужнее друг другу, чем раньше.
    Всем здоровья и успехов, гармонии в жизни!

    аноним17:41 23.04.06

    володя17:50 23.04.06
    Ребята,я был очень рад снова увидеть вас. вспомнить прошлое.
    Фотографии получились отличные.Мы всегда сможем посмотреть их и вспомпить все.

    укм18:04 23.04.06
    Хочу сказать спосибо за организование ужина и за то,что вытащили на встречу моего мужа.

    marina_sel17:25 24.04.06
    А кто это - муж? Просто загадка...

    marina_sel18:31 24.04.06
    "Организование", действительно, было на высоком уровне. Мишин, ты мне старые фото обещал...

    ast20:21 24.04.06
    УКМ! Вы нас заинтриговали. Это какого мужа мы вытащили?

    MVD11:13 19.05.06
    Володька! Дружище(дружища)! Рад, что тебе (вам) приглянулось мое имя. Здорово, что ты посмотрел (посмотрела) фото и все вспомнил (вспомнила). Может и имя СВОЕ вспомнишь? А я теперь, как и многие наши товариши (господа), буду скромно подписываться тремя буквами.
    бывший Володя.

    аноним16:41 18.02.10
    Hi Friends,
    It was big fun to see you all after 25 years on pictures provided. I tried to contact with some of you some time ago via MEI web page, but didn't receive any response from any of you. Instead of your response after this attempt I am permanently receiving a lot of spam from whole Russia as perhaps my mail address was sold from there to spammers. However I hope that my idea to meet each other again after 25 years found recognition and let you all to bring back far memories of good times we had together 25 years ago and gave you a lot of fun. It is pity that you didn't notice me about this initiative, as I could make an effort and come to Moscow for some days.

    I am sending warm greeting for all present at the meeting and all othes that read this site.

    Warm regards,

    Piotr Filipkowski Warsaw - far Poland

    ОСПД17:01 18.02.10
    ОСПД - это было Общество советско-польской дружбы МЭИ
    В последнюю неделю мая МЭИ традиционно проводит День выпускника, в 2009 году он прошел 30 мая http://www.sachkodrom.ru/?an=onerazd&guid=666
    Приезжайте, будем очень рады!!!

    marina_sel17:50 20.02.10
    Dear Piotr!

    We are very glad to read you! It is wonderful that you have appeared!
    Really, we had read your meeting proposal
    but it had occurred already after our meeting on April 2006, because we don’t often visit that website and it seems we even didn’t know thenadays about it.
    I know that some of us, particularly, Володя Мишин, wrote to you, but we didn’t receive any answer.
    Maybe, his e-mail letter had been lost among heaps of spam. Also, you can see, Ilona and Ирина (ast) responded to you. Anyway, it’s a pity that you couldn’t be with us 4 yeas ago, but it is a reason to think about a new meeting of 30 years after graduating that will occur next year.
    Now, you can register on this site and place here your photos. We would like not only to read you, but also to see you. How are you? Tell about your life, family, career and so on.
    If you remember me, please contact me on e-mail.
    I hope you haven’t forgotten the Russian language at all.
    Let us know if you happen to find yourself in Moscow. Maybe, we can arrange a meeting specially for you.

    Best regards,
    Марина (А-1-75)

    аноним00:38 21.02.10
    Dear Marina,

    I tried to send you an e-mail to your address marina_sel@mail.ru, but my exchange has returned me an error message. I'll discuss it with my admin Monday, but now I'd like promptly respond to your message.

    I have to say that it was a big surprise and a pleasure for me to find your message written in Sochkodrom portal after long time we haven't heard each other.
    First of all I have to confirm that I am fully able to speak and write Russian, but I don't have Russian letters in my computer. I even tried once to add Russian keyboard to my Windows, but it takes ages to write something, when you don't have Russian signs drawn on the keyboard. I tried also write Russian text using Latin letters, but it looks funny and reader could think that a crazy guy is on other side, so I decided to use English.

    I tried to contact all of you in proper time it means before 2006 http://www.auditoriya.ru/index/siteforum-list-action/post.2, but I didn't receive your responses.Perhaps the fault was on my spam filter side, as just after registration on MEI site I started to receive hundreds of spam mails from Russia offering me new wife and some other strange things. Perhaps e-mail written by Vladimir, Ilona and Irina use Russian letters what in connection with other attributes classified them like spam. I am very sorry about that, as it deprived me / us of a chance to communicate and meet each other after so many years.
    It was organized a trip to Moscow on MEI anniversary for MEI graduates, but I didn't decided to go with others (Ela Wiecek, Krzysztof Prucnal, Krzysztof Sepolinski and some others), as the only aim to go to Moscow for me was meeting with old colleges and friends. I spent long time in Russia between 1990 - 1993 and visited MEI then several times.
    I was coming that time to Moscow for week or two even every month because of professional purposes. I met then my favorite professor Mr. Kutiepov and some other colleges I had close contact. The communication that time was so difficult that I did not get contact with any other colleges from our group.
    After 1993 my professional focus went to different regions and I haven't been in Moscow already nearly 17 years. Perhaps Moscow now is much more beautiful like it was THAT times and live for you and others is very much different than it was in old communist times. I am not currently planning trips to Moscow, as I am not currently connected professionally with Russia and because trip to Russia is not easy adventure for us from Poland. It is even more difficult now as it was in old times. It is necessary to apply for visa, define trip purpose and so on. Perhaps it is not so difficult for those how have professional relations or go for holidays to defined place. Therefore I'd better prepare for next chance to meet with all of you on 30 our anniversary.
    I 'll try to register on portal and put some pictures there.
    We have similar site for different school graduates. It is page dedicated for MEI and students studied there http://nasza-klasa.pl/school/93533 http://nasza-klasa.pl/school/93533 /6 . You can meet there Waldemar Mikolajczyk. Perhaps Janusz Cendrowski is not there, but I have addresses of most of colleges you can remember from our students times. It is not the best way to provide them this way, but I can send them to personal mail.

    Well, I hope it is not the last contact and it will be time in future to tell more about family and other things.Once again thank you for unexpected contact and pass warm greetings from me to all others you have contact with.

    Kind regards,


    P.S. my mail address available on attached link is still valid, so I hope we can communicate other way

    marina_sel - Piotr Filipkowski13:32 22.02.10
    Пётр, я отправила тебе письмо по e-mail. Если не получишь, напиши.
    И до встречи на просторах сачкодрома!
    Ждём твоих фоток...

    Piotr Filipkowski22:27 25.02.10
    I received this message and has responded, but as not cannot still reach your private address I sent mail to your office.

    Have a nice evening.
    Warm regards,


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